Outline of the Symposium


: Kurume City Plaza


: September 26 (Wed.) - 2 8(Fri.), 2018


: The Chemical Society of Japan,

: The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan,

: The Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry

Main themes of the symposium

Chemistry of natural products: isolation, structure determination, chemical synthesis, new reactions, mechanism of action, chemical biology, and biosynthesis

Categories of subjects

a)Isolation/Structural determination
c)Mechanism of action/chemical biology/analogue/derivative

Presentation styles

Oral (only general lectures will be delivered; there will be approximately forty-five 20-minute lectures including 5-minute Q&A sessions; only PowerPoint images can be projected on the screen using a liquid crystal projector) and poster (short presentations using http://www.tennenyuuki.ne.jp/img/top_main.pngpdf files) presentations. Applicants shall comply with the following instructions:

  • Only presentations on a single subject that have not been published in the symposiums are allowed. (A presentation shall be delivered with its printing and publication in the paper in mind).

  • In principle, each laboratory is allowed to deliver one presentation, regardless of whether it is a speech or poster.

  • There is a restriction on the number of oral presentations, and the preparatory committee has the right to accept or reject a presentation and decide on its st yle.

  • A manuscript shall consist of one page of an English abstract and four to five pages of text (in Japanese or English). (Abstracts presented in the 58th Symposium are also scheduled to be published in digital form. It should be noted that "ownership of the copyrights to lecture abstracts presented in the symposium belongs to the committee on digitalization of presentations delivered in symposiums on natural organic compounds").

Application for presentations

You can apply for presentations at our website.
If you cannot submit an application at the website, please contact the office in advance.

Deadline for application for presentations and request for the summary of the symposium

: May 18 (Fri.)

Deadline for submission of manuscripts to be published in the proceedings

: June 22 (Fri.)

Award winners

As in previous years, presentations delivered by main presenters aged 35 years old or younger are eligible for the encouragement award. Please write the ages of presenters (as of April 1, 2018) on the application form. It should be noted that persons who have already received the award are not eligible for selection, in accordance with the revision adopted in 2013.

Registration for participation and reservations

You can register for participation and make reservations for the social dinner party and accommodation at the website.

Deadline for application for registration

: August 17 (Fri.), 2018 → August 27 (Mon.), 2018 (extended)

Registration fee (including the fee for the proceedings)

Registration in advance

: 10,000 yen (including the fee for the proceedings)

Registration on the day

: 12,000 yen (including the fee for the proceedings)

Only the proceedings

: 3,000 yen (including the postage fee)/

: 2,000 yen (purchased at the symposium venue)


11,000 yen (purchased at the symposium venue)

Symposium mixer

  Date Venue Admission fee
Symposium mixer September 27(Thu.) Hotel Newplaza Kurume 10,000 yen for general participants
/ 5,000 yen for students

We offer a st udent discount.
Young researchers are very welcome to participate in the symposium mixer.

Scientific Correspondence

Mitsuru SHINDO, Committee Chair
60th Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products Steering Committee
Institute for Materials Chemistry ande Engineering, Kyushu Univ ersity
TEL : +81-92-583-7802 FAX : +81-92-583-7803 E-mail : tennen60@cm.kyushu-u.ac.jp

Correspondence on application for presentations, registration a nd reservations

Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. Kansai MICE Branch
TEL : + 81-6-6635-2627 FAX : + 81-6-6641-0072 E-mail : eckansai15@or.knt.co.jp
TEL:+81-6-6635-2627 FAX:+81-6-6641-0072 E-mail:eckansai15@or.knt.co.jp